Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Polymer Clay Rose With Bezel Tutuorial

I really like the way this pendant turned out. So...I wanted to share it with you :)

You may use the items you make from this tutorial in any way you want. Make it for yourself, as a gift, or sell what you make. Sell the items on any online venue or any off line location you want. I will be selling these on Etsy in my BareMoose shop but feel free to sell them in your Etsy shop as well.You do not have to give me credit for the design. All I ask is, if someone inquires where they can purchase the supplies to make this pendant, please refer them to my Etsy supply shop - Secret Solace Supplies

Okay, let's get started!

Supply and tool list
1. Polymer clay - I used Sculpey Accents - blue and Sculpey yellow and black
2. Liquid Sculpey - optional
3. Heart bezel - SecretSolaceSupplies
5. Heart clasp - SecretSolaceSupplies
6. Something for texture - SecretSolaceSupplies
7. Jump rings - 3
8. 2 pairs of pliers for attaching jump rings
9. craft knife, piece of wire or toothpick to make veins on leaves                                                  

I already have a polymer clay rose tutorial on this blog and my Bare Moose blog so I am just recapping here.

I have a chart below on making the leaves and tendrils.
I'm sorry, I really should have used black ink. If you have any questions, let me know in the comments.

For the green clay, I kneaded equal parts of yellow clay and black clay together simply because I couldn't find my green clay. It turned out nice so you may want to try it :)

Set the rose, leaves and tendrils aside. We are working on the bezel now.

Apply liquid polymer clay to the inside edges of the bezel. This step is optional. I have made these without the liquid polymer clay and they stayed in the bezel fine. But...I am selling these so I want to make sure they will last a long time.
Make a long snake with black polymer clay.

Outline the bezel with the black clay and press the clay into the bezel. You do not have to cover the entire bezel but mine just happened to work out that way. If you want, add more liquid clay as you go.

Once you have pressed all the black clay into the bezel, add texture.
We are applying and texturing the clay into the bezel so it will not matter if the bezel shows when we are done. Actually, it looks really nice if you can see some of the black textured clay in the end.

So here it is. Covered (with the exception of a tiny line on the left) and textured.

Now we need to apply the leaves. I used 3 leaves but of course, use as many as you want. I put a dab of liquid clay on each leaf and placed them on the bezel.

Time for tendrils! This is really fun, just play with it to get the look you want. I used the wire (that I used to make the veins on the leaves) to wrap the clay around for little curly cues.

I put the tendrils on the bezel, tore off the excess clay and rolled the end into a point. Once finished with the tendrils, I just put a dab of liquid clay under them.

Now put a generous amount of liquid clay in the center of the bezel. This is where we will place the rose. it is :) Cute, right !?!
Now bake your bezel. I baked mine on 275 degrees for 10 minutes. The clay package says 30 minutes for every 1/4" of clay. DO NOT BAKE THIS FOR 30 MINUTES. Sorry about shouting but I baked one for 30 minutes and it fried my bezel and turned my light pink clay to black. The smell was nauseating!!
Now that you have baked and cooled your pendant, let's make it into a necklace.
I cut my chain, using wire cutters, into an 18" length. Use your pliers to open a jump ring, place one end of the chain and the heart clasp onto the jump ring. Close the jump ring.
Open another jump ring and place the other end of the chain onto the jump ring. Close the jump ring.
Open your last jump ring, place the pendant and the center of the chain into the jump ring. Close the jump ring.

Here is the completed necklace.

I made 3 other pendants. 
For the large heart, I used this bezel - SecretSolaceSupplies which is a very large heart bezel. I made a loop at the center bottom of the heart with the tendril. I selected a pretty, light blue briolette and topped it with a nice copper filigree end cap. I wire wrapped the whole thing with lovely square copper wire and attached it to the tendril circle with a jump ring. Of course, you could wire wrap it directly to the tendril but I wanted the briolette to have more movement.

The pink rose was done in the exact same way as the pendant in this tutorial.

The blue rose in the oval pendant was made using this bezel - SecretSolaceSupplies .

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial. Thank you so much for visiting my blog :)